Cursed Child

#297: Avian Larceny

Welcome to PotterCast 297! In this episode:

– What happened in Times Square with Cursed Child, again?

– In How About That: Hagrid in the first few chapters! How he got to Harry, what he knew, what magic he used, and what was really up with the pink umbrella.


– Can you convict an owl of theft?

– In the drums, Frankie has an announcement!

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Produced by Adam Molina // Assoc. Produced by Kylie Madden

#294: Much Ado About (Cursed Child) Branding

It’s PotterCast 294! In our march to get to 300 before LeakyCon Boston, we’ll be releasing episodes weekly! Hurrah!

This week:
What the heck was that all about with Cursed Child?
We go back with our “What about that?” segment to discuss the Sorting Hat, wizard internet, post-Hogwarts education, and more
The Mischief corner delves into who knew Harry had a scar and when
…and, what happens if a wizard goes into an Apple store?

Remember! LeakyConis coming! Boston in October for our TENTH anniversary!

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