Harry and the Potters

#290: Accio Hagrid (with Harry and the Potters!)

It’s PotterCast #290 and we are back with our very old friends and absolute PotterCast veterans Paul and Joe DeGeorge, the band Harry and the Potters! They have just recorded and are about to release LUMOS, their first album in more than 13 years. This pod is full of exclusive sneak peeks into the album, plus a lot of fun and nostalgia with the guys — including a few extra canon conclundrum. Accio Hagrid, accio fish, Hedwig is not dead, goblin magic, and more.

Hosts: Melissa Anelli, Frank Franco, John Noe
Guests: Paul and Joe DeGeorge, Harry and the Potters
Producer: Adam Molina
Associate Producer: Kylie Madden
Music clips from Lumos by Harry and the Potters