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#276: No Noe

Oh no! No Noe! Melissa and Frak discuss their reactions to Jo’s reactions to the Johnny Depp controversy; we play your reactions to last week’s episode, Queer. And we mean to cover Ch 5/6 of book one, but there was just too much to discuss and we only make it through Ch 5!    In...

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#275: Queer

Welcome to 2018! We are talking about the latest developments in the Potter news — including the odd statements made recently regarding Dumbledore’s sexuality in Fantastic Beasts 2. Is it straightwashing, ineffective PR, or just a misunderstanding? Also! News on what’s coming up for the show, Frankie shares a story about a blob, and the...

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Extra: The Crime of Grindelwald

We recorded this conversation BEFORE J.K. Rowling’s recent comments on this issue; we’ll discuss that in our next episode, but didn’t want this to get lost in the meantime. We discuss Johnny Depp’s casting and the issues around it, as well as director David Yates’s recent comments on the matter. Please be warned there may...

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#274: Frankie’s Offensive Irish Sounds (Live from LeakyCon 2017)

Our live PotterCast from LeakyCon 2017! We recount the amazing weekend we had in Dublin hanging with hundreds of Harry Potter fans. We also hear from a lot of you and give you a glance  behind-the-scenes at how LeakyCon gets made. Pluuuusss we talked about LeakyCon 2018 in Dallas, which was recorded before the whole...

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#273: The Dumbledore’s Army Panel from LeakyCon 2017!

PotterCast 273 is the first of our episodes from LeakyCon Dublin! And this time we have Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood), Katie Leung (Cho Chang), Alfie Enoch (Dean Thomas), and Afshan Azad (Padma Patil), here to tell us all about life as the Harry Potter films’ Dumbledore’s Army. Great stories from their time filming – a...

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#272: Misunderstood Snakes (B1Ch3-4)

PotterCast is back and is continuing on with the chapter by chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – this week covering chapters 3 and 4. We also have some exciting announcements for the upcoming Harry Potter convention, LeakyCon!

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#271: The Boy Who Lived (B1Ch1)

On the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, PotterCast begins its magical chapter-by-chapter podcasting adventure through J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World!   Episode 271 — The Boy Who Lived Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s/Philosopher’s Stone chapters: 1. The Boy Who Lived 2. The Vanishing Glass PotterCast is hosted by Melissa Anelli, John Noe, Frankie...

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#270: The Young Dumbledore

We have a new Dumbledore!   Episode 270 — The Young Dumbledore Pottercast is hosted by Melissa Anelli, John Noe, Frankie Franco, and Zack Luye. Find the latest episode and explore Pottercast interviews, discussions and more at Pottercast.com Visit the-leaky-cauldron.org for the latest and greatest from Harry Potter’s Wizarding World.

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