Roll 9 3/4

15.3: Yanni vs Laurel, the Social Distancing Edition

We are isolating together for this freewheeling hour of silliness where we take your Harry Potter questions and have some fun.

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#298: Roll 9 3/4

So this is a special PotterCast, in which we TRY A NEW THING for the first time in 15 years?

WELCOME TO THE FIRST ROLL 9 3/4 OMG AHH!! Frankie came to us a few months ago and wanted to try doing Harry Potter-themed D&D. First, we said “How do you D&D?” and then we just said “let’s do it.”

This is mostly us being silly and ridiculous together and we hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

We really want to know what you think! Please:

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– If you like it, tell your friends! If you don’t like it, shh, we never met.

Frank Franco conceived this project and serves as the game’s DM. The players are Bre Bishop, John Noe, and Melissa Anelli.

Original music (and sound effects!) by Andre Karame.