#287: That’s Not My Baby (Fantastic Beasts Extras)

#287: That’s Not My Baby (Fantastic Beasts Extras)

The PotterCast crew gets into it on the Fantastic Beasts extra scenes (part 1)…

– Leta and the Case of Did No One Realize This Was a Different Baby?

– Dumbledore’s lumbago

– Is It A Dumbledore Part Sixty Six Thousand

…and a lot more!

Edited by: Adam Molina
Associate Producer: Kylie Madden

One comment on “#287: That’s Not My Baby (Fantastic Beasts Extras)

  1. Raven says:

    Regarding Dumbledore regretting not going after Grindelwald: There are still 18 years until the duel at this point, so I think it’s possible that he figures out how to break the blood pact and then still doesn’t go after Grindelwald for a long time, which he later regrets.

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