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15.3: Yanni vs Laurel, the Social Distancing Edition

We are isolating together for this freewheeling hour of silliness where we take your Harry Potter questions and have some fun. ALSO, SOME NEWS: Now there are TWO Patreons:...

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15.2: Sorting It Out: J.K. Rowling, transphobia, and what just happened to our community (with Jackson Bird)

J.K. Rowling angered and saddened many fans when she came out in support of a woman whose company had not renewed her employment contract because she refused to recognize the legally protected rights of trans people.

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#300: It’s Funny How That Worked Out – Our 300th Episode!

LIVE FROM LEAKYCON 2019: BOSTON – OUR 300TH EPISODE! In this episode, we discuss our fandom-packed weekend at the 10th anniversary of LeakyCon and discuss the last ten years...

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#299: Fantastic Beasts’s Dan Fogler at LeakyCon Boston

LIVE FROM LEAKYCON: PotterCast’s Spotlight with Dan Fogler! In this episode, we talk with Dan Fogler about how he approached Jacob’s characterization in the Fantastic Beasts films, what it’s...

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#298: Roll 9 3/4

So this is a special PotterCast, in which we TRY A NEW THING for the first time in 15 years? WELCOME TO THE FIRST ROLL 9 3/4 OMG AHH!!...

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#297: Avian Larceny

Welcome to PotterCast 297! In this episode: – What happened in Times Square with Cursed Child, again? – In How About That: Hagrid in the first few chapters! How...

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Behind The Mic

Melissa Anelli


Melissa is the CEO of Mischief Management, which produces LeakyCon, the world’s biggest Harry Potter convention. She also  runs The Leaky Cauldron, the best Harry Potter site on the ‘net! In 2008 she published the New York Times bestselling Harry, A History, a chronicle of the Potter phenomenon, featuring a foreword from J.K. Rowling. Melissa lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend and her amazing pup; more at melissaanelli.com.

Frankie Franco, III


Frankie Franco III, or “frak,” as he is sometimes called,  is a storyboard artist based in Vancouver British Columbia. When he isn’t drawing quirky things or admiring all the puns the world has to offer, you can find him being an overly enthusiastic Cat dad on the hunt for a cafe that does a good pour-over.

John Noe


John hasn’t given us a bio yet. Be sure to bother him about it.

He also hasn’t given us a photo, so this is the one he gets for now until he does.

Adam Molina


Adam is a Boston-based writer you can usually find drooling over new gadgets on the internet or re-reading the Harry Potter series.

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