Since 2005, PotterCast is the official podcast of Harry Potter fansite The Leaky Cauldron.


16.1: Shade from Spotify

December 12, 2020

When your 2020 wrapped congratulates you on all four episodes of content you produced this year, it must be PotterCast!

Welcome to season 16, in which we are, we swear, on the edge of actually producing this thing at a normal clip. See how it’s going to start to work in this episode in which we introduce a few new segments — a bit of opening chatter (including an IN-Depp conversation as Frankie puts it) with your gang, then two new segments: POTTER PONDERINGS (in this episode, we wonder what it takes to make a Hufflepuff go dark) and HEY NETFLIX (in which we pitch spinoff shows about the Potter universe — today, what would we want from a show about the Ministry of Magic?). Then join us to chat in the drums as usual!


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